blog post The Top Hardwood Flooring Patterns in Chicago: Embracing Classic and Modern Styles

Every city has its unique architectural style that sets it apart, and Chicago is no exception. This bustling metropolis, known for its rich history, stunning skyscrapers, and a vast array of housing styles, has always been a trailblazer in the world of interior design. A key element of this uniqueness lies in the popular use of hardwood flooring patterns. In this article, we will explore some of the top hardwood flooring patterns prevalent in Chicago, with a specific focus on the herringbone pattern, the large herringbone pattern, the Chevron pattern, and the trend of refinishing floors to a white color.

Herringbone Pattern Hardwood Flooring in Chicago

The herringbone pattern hardwood floor is a classic that has been reinvented in modern Chicago homes. It was originally named after the skeletal structure of the herring fish due to its distinct V-shaped weaving pattern. A typical herringbone floor comprises rectangular blocks arranged in a pattern that looks similar to broken zigzags. This pattern is favored for the sense of movement it brings to a room, giving spaces a dynamic yet subtle appearance.

In Chicago, herringbone pattern hardwood flooring adds a touch of vintage sophistication to homes, acting as a nod to the city’s rich historical heritage while simultaneously adding a contemporary twist. Whether you’re refurbishing a century-old Victorian house in Lincoln Park or a trendy loft in the South Loop, this pattern’s versatility works well with almost any architectural style, adding depth and character to the interior.

Large Herringbone Hardwood Flooring Pattern in Chicago

On the other hand, large herringbone hardwood flooring is gaining popularity among Chicago homeowners who seek a bold statement. This style uses the same classic herringbone pattern but with larger, wider planks of hardwood. The result is a more dramatic visual effect that can make a room feel more spacious and luxurious.

For larger homes or open-plan designs prevalent in areas like the North Shore, large herringbone patterns are a fantastic choice. They create a grandeur that amplifies the spaciousness of an area, making rooms feel larger and more opulent. This pattern is particularly impactful in dining rooms, living rooms, and open-concept kitchens where it can truly shine and accentuate the overall aesthetic.

Chevron Flooring Pattern in Chicago

The Chevron pattern is another hardwood flooring trend that has taken Chicago by storm. Though similar to the herringbone pattern, Chevron creates a continuous zigzag design that points in one direction, compared to the broken zigzags of the herringbone. This continuous V-shaped pattern is stunning and gives a sense of direction to a room, leading the eye towards a focal point like a fireplace or a beautiful view.

In Chicago’s contemporary residences, particularly in neighborhoods like the West Loop and River North, the Chevron pattern offers a sleek, modern touch. It perfectly complements minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired interiors with its clean lines and captivating design.

Refinishing Floors to a White Color in Chicago

Beyond patterns, the color of hardwood flooring significantly impacts a room’s overall ambiance. Recently, the trend of refinishing hardwood floors to a white or lighter color has become increasingly popular in Chicago. This Scandinavian-inspired trend brings a light, airy feel to any space, making rooms seem more spacious and inviting.

White hardwood floors act as a neutral canvas, allowing furniture and decorations to take center stage. This is a popular choice for homes with large windows and lots of natural light, as the white flooring can enhance the brightness and openness of the space. For smaller residences, such as the condos in Chicago’s downtown high-rises, a white refinish can help combat the feeling of confinement and add an illusion of space.

Wrapping Up

The hardwood flooring patterns in Chicago are as diverse as the city’s architectural styles. From the classic elegance of the herringbone pattern to the bold statement of the large herringbone pattern, and from the sleek modernism of the Chevron pattern to the refreshing lightness of white refinished floors, Chicago homeowners have a plethora of options to infuse personality into their spaces.

These patterns and colors not only define the room’s aesthetic but also reflect the historical and cultural vibrancy of the Windy City. By choosing the right hardwood flooring pattern, homeowners can create a visually stunning interior that pays homage to the architectural spirit of Chicago while ensuring their homes remain stylish, comfortable, and inviting.


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WE INSTALL Chevron Hardwood Flooring PatternS in Chicago
WE INSTALL Chevron Hardwood Flooring PatternS in Chicago