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Short info about GHF Inc.

Known regionally and nationally for their expertise, service and definitive sense of style, General Hardwood Flooring, Inc. has established itself as the frontrunner of what is the “cool du jour” in a wood flooring boutique.


With 16 years of combined experience in the industry, we enjoy a solid reputation for over the top performance and first class service going beyond expectation.


General Hardwood Flooring, Inc. sources exclusive wood flooring and custom fitting throughout the continental US. We at General Hardwood Flooring have only two real passions: wood floors and our clients.


Thanks to a carefully selected network of manufacturers and suppliers across the U.S., General Hardwood Flooring, Inc. features over 15 wood species in a wide range of widths, finishes and grades to suit any taste and lifestyle.


With a solid industry reputation for over the top products, performance and price, General Hardwood Flooring, Inc. specializes in serving discriminating clients throughout the continental U.S. Premium Products… Performance… & Price.

Places we've worked

Some of the services we do

  • 1. Hardwood flooring installation
  • 2. Hardwood flooring finishing / refinishing
  • 3. Staining/Color Hardwood Floors
  • 4. Repair and Replacing hardwood floors
  • 5. Baseshoe Installation for hardwood floors
  • 6. Hardwood custom borders
  • 7. Hardwood custom design / medallions
  • 8. Hardwood Stairs / Railings
  • 9. Maintenance / Care / Cleaning
  • 10. Inspection and evaluation
  • 11. Coat / Re-coat / Screen
  • 12. Laminate floors
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We are

We encourage environmentally friendly flooring

Areas we serve

Main areas

  • Hardwood flooring in Chicago city
  • Hardwood flooring in Barrington
  • Hardwood flooring in Hindsdale
  • Hardwood flooring in Lake Forest
  • Hardwood flooring in Naperville
  • Hardwood flooring in North Barrington
  • Hardwood flooring in South Barrington
  • Hardwood flooring in Elk Grove Village
  • Hardwood flooring in Arlington Heights
  • Hardwood flooring in Invernes
  • Hardwood flooring in Evanston
  • Hardwood flooring in Wilmette
  • Hardwood flooring in Mount Prospect
  • Hardwood flooring in Aurora
  • Hardwood flooring in Batavia
  • Hardwood flooring in Highland Park
Community areas in Chicago
Serving customers within 100 miles from Chicago City

What one of our customer says


Jamie Terrell

I called Vasil to repair a worn area on my hardwood floor. He informed me that it’s rather difficult to perfectly match a worn spot to the rest of the wood, but that he would give it his best shot.


Well, he did the almost impossible! The transition between my old wood floor and the repaired section is seamless. His work is flawless. If you’re in need of hardwood repair or refinishing, he is your guy!


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