blog post Des Plaines Hardwood Flooring – 10 Grand Wooden Floor Ideas That Will Magically Transform Your Home

Des Plaines Hardwood Flooring – 10 Grand Wooden Floor Ideas That Will Magically Transform Your Home

Installing or replacing new hardwood floors for your home is a “step” in the right direction! Transform your abode with these grand wooden floor ideas.


Tired of your blah, old floors? If you’ve got grungy tiles or worn out carpets, it might be time to think about some wooden floor ideas. With many different types and textures to install, you can magically transform your home.


Now, more than ever, unique hardwood floors are affordable for the average homeowner. Whether you would like to work with an installation company or do it yourself, there are many options for beautiful floors available to you.


Check out these 10 grand wooden floor ideas to make that change today.

Des Plaines Hardwood Flooring – 10 Grand Wooden Floor Ideas That Will Magically Transform Your Home1. Installing New Hardwood Floors

Simply installing new hardwood floors can magically transform a home that was wall-to-wall carpeting before. Hardwood floors open a space up by changing the look, the acoustics, and the temperature.


Check out some wide plank looks or reclaimed wood for a basic, fresh start with hardwood floors that have a rustic look. For more polished looks, go for thin boards in a staggered pattern that you can finish with a high gloss.

2. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

If you already have hardwood floors but they’re looking a bit rough around the edges, it might be time to refinish them. You can hire a company, or spend a weekend on this intermediate home DIY.


You’ll need a floor sander and some polyurethane. By Monday morning, your floors will look glossy and brand new.


Alternatively, working with a flooring company can be a simple way to refinish your floors quickly.

3. Staining Hardwood Floors

While refinishing your hardwood floors, feel free to slap on a new stain. With enough sanding, you can take dark floors to light or try out a modern, popular gray stain. Changing the stain can be an absolutely dramatic shift in the way light reflects in a room.


If you are looking to open up the space, go for a pale stain that evokes alpine or Scandinavian vibes. For a more classic, cozy feel, rich mahogany tones will make your floor look like that of an ancient library.


Finish it off with glossy polyurethane finishes so that your stain gets the best of the light.

4. Base Shoe Installation

The real finishing touch on an updated floor is to install complementary base shoe molding. Inexperienced installers often make the mistake of not finishing a hardwood floor all the way with proper molding. However, the difference this type of look provides is stunning.


If there is any gap between wood floorboards and the baseboard on the wall, base shoe molding should be added to cover the gap. These are often a right angle on one side and rounded on the other. Purchase them in the same color as the floorboards.


Filling in this gap is important for both looks and function, as gaps at the juncture of floorboards and baseboards can lead to drafts.

5. Mixed Media Flooring (Tile and Wood)

This unique look is gaining popularity in the interior decor world. Instead of having harsh threshold lines between rooms, use mixed media like hexagonal tiles and wood floorboards to create more transitional spaces around your home.


For instance, your kitchen tiles may flow partway into your living room floorboards. This is a custom look and will require a skilled professional to achieve.

6. Inlaid Medallions

Similar to mixed media, inlaid medallions introduce patterns into wooden floors. They may be tile, stone, or other wood and often act as a centerpiece in a wide-open space like a foyer.


Get creative to add something like a winterscape in the floor of your cabin, or a more abstract design. This is a great job to hire a skilled craftsperson who can create a truly unique piece for your home.

7. Hardwood Custom Borders

It’s a look that is often seen in older homes: hardwood custom borders. Add some visual interest to your floor with a darker wood around the edge of the room and a lighter one toward the center.


Take it a step forward by laying border boards in four different directions to create the feeling of a frame with the layout.

8. Parquet Flooring

Go for an interesting-looking geometric pattern with your wooden floors by choosing parquet flooring. This antique style was once considered to be extremely fancy due to the amount of work required for cutting and fitting the intricate pieces together.


Now with modern floor engineering, parquet patterns are accessible for most homeowners. In rooms where you want to create an eye-catching look for your exposed wooden floor, you can’t go wrong with opting for parquet.


There are many types of designs available, from patchwork triangles to diagonal diamond patterns.

9. Herringbone Pattern

Another version of parquet flooring, herringbone floors use boards of about three to five inches arranged in stacked V-shape patterns. To create real visual interest, varying colors in the same shades of grays, browns, or golds are stacked in the V-shapes for a truly unique, variegated look.

10. Mixed Wood Flooring

Can’t agree with your spouse on pale pine or rich mahogany hardwood floorboards? You can have both with this new trend of mixed wood flooring. Stagger 4-5 inch boards across the floor. Finish with a high gloss. You’ll have a unique, variegated look unlike anything else.


For bonus uniqueness, arrange the staggered boards in a diagonal from corner to corner.

10 Awesome Wooden Floor Ideas For You

What do you think of these wooden floor ideas? Ready to try one out in your life? Don’t just go with what we say – think outside the box. Why couldn’t you have a custom border around a herringbone pattern floor or mixed media and an inlaid medallion?


As floor engineering makes hardwood floors more financially accessible for a wide swath of homeowners, floors can become a wonderful accent in the home rather than simply a backdrop.


Get in touch with General Hardwood Flooring today to see how we can help you create a stunning accent floor and magically transform the look of your home.