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is General Hardwood Flooring Chicago ?

Hardwood Flooring Chicago | Chicago Hardwood Flooring

General Hardwood Flooring Chicago serve the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs for over 16 years.

Our happy clients!
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General Hardwood Flooring Chicago does ?

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benefits you by choosing General Hardwood Flooring Chicago?

No hidden costs

We are not gonna tell you something and at the end ask you for another ting. We are trustworthy.

Affordable prices

We try to be very flexible when it comes with pricing. Each project is different so we approach with flexibllity.

We love what we do

"The only way to great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs.

Respect you & your house

The main objective of every job is total customer satisfaction. Not just in the quality of our work, but also by respecting your home.

Free estimates

We offer a FREE wood floor inspection / consultation service with our estimator.

Deal with one person

Who wouldn’t want the owner of the business to be personally working on your floors?

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General Hardwood Flooring Chicago has done ?

Allison Heverin – Stairs & Railings

Ann Sample – New Hardwood Maple Floor

Erin – New hardwood installation

Bryan & Jessica Bertoglio – Red Oak Provincial Color, Synteco Classic finish

Bull Dog Ale House Restaurant & Bar

Dawn Jensen – Foyer

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What is General Hardwood Flooring Chicago
work process ?

We talk

First step in working togheter for your next hardwood flooring project is to talk to us, tell us your info and plans.

We estimate

After our first talk, we'll gonna give you an estimate, a free estimate for you hardwood floor project.

We arrive

If you accept the offer, it's just a matter of little time for us to arrive at your place and start working.

We work

We talked. We estimated. We arrived. We need to work now, so let us handle everything for you.

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we sell ?